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Not your average Yoga Instructor!

Hello! Welcome to my website where you'll find all up to date classes, useful information and links!

Important bits - I'm a fully qualified and certified 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher/ instructor and active member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals. Specialising in multiple disciplines including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/ Restorative and Meditation. I have recently furthered my education and knowledge, expanding into Pre & Post-Natal yoga, so if you're expecting or have recently had your beautiful little cherub I'm here for all your questions. 

Interesting bits - I like to describe myself as more of a 'Functional Yoga Instructor' branching into Gymnastics and Skills. I have a strong passion for the human body and all it's anatomy, meaning I can help you progress correctly without injury and achieve the asanas (poses) you want to.

I'm a real water baby! I spend ALOT of time in the sea, swimming, sploshing and surfing. My classes are heavily influenced by how the sea makes me feel; beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. We also always swim after class, so bring your swimmers if you want to take the leap!

I look forward to seeing you at a class soon, Sian x

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